Wednesday, July 9, 2008

So I've been trying to put baby's room together. Im worried it's going to sneak up on me! And I'm just way excited. At the moment all of our stuff is in his room! I've been trying to figure out what theme I want to make his room, and it's been getting me all sorts of confused! But one of the first things I did buy was my stroller and carseat. I've had it picked out for awhile, so on our honeymoon we went and bought it. I couldn't help myself! So here it is. If you cant tell, it is brown. My favorite part about it is that it's the suede fabric and not the normal kind. So it's nice and soft.

And here is a pic from today! I got bored. I'm 23 weeks today, but I'll take another picture later. Im getting FAT!!


Hayden and Brent said...

Cute! cUTE! CUTE!!!! I love that stroller combo, but Brent didn't like the brown! Oh well! Your belly is so cute too!!!

Kendall Family said...

I love the carseat and stroller! Your belly is cute!