Saturday, July 23, 2011

Train canvas

I have had my Silhouette since Christmas. Upon receiving it I have used it a total of 2 times... that's right, 2. Now, before you think I'm crazy, I just haven't had anything to use it for. Until now...

My son LOVES trains. His room theme is kind of a mix between trains/automobiles/blues/greens/oranges. I originally was going to do this project with car cut outs but after I found this cut from the Silhouette store I knew trains it would be. He was SO excited when he saw them on his wall! Totally worth the 2 months it's taken me to make them. I am a slacker...

This project started out with the idea of vinyl cut outs but I decided to go the harder cheap way and just paint them on. Glad I went that way.




Thursday, July 21, 2011

2 new projects

Do you know whats better then doing a crafting project? Doing an easy crafting project with stuff you already have lying around!

I got this box of frames off Freecycle a couple of months ago. I know, score right? But I haven't done a thing with them since. I am lame...


My husband thinks they're just taking up room but wont he be surprised when he comes home from work and discovers I actually did something with them. Or at least one of them!

I got the cute printable for the 9 Be's HERE. It makes an 8x10 sized printable.


  That frame looks cuter then it actually was that color. When I spray painted it black, the brown was still showing through, giving it an antiqued looked that I liked.


I just glued it on, didn't do a backing {which I would suggest you do} So it's kinda free floating in the frame.

Done and done! Easy Peasy

I saw this idea in a DIY magazine and I've seen it floating around blogland too. I finally just sat down and did it and it took a whole 5 minutes. I was kind of put of at first by how big I made the letters but Its growing on me!



Super easy! 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Crafting Projects

We have officially been in our home for 2 months now. What a crazy experience it has been! Now that I've finally taken time to sit down and upload pictures, here are some projects I've worked on in the last little while.

Flag Blocks


You can find the tutorial for these HERE . This is one of my favorite blogs!

Cherry Tone Firecrackers

I saw these at Quilted Bear for 20 bucks! Can you believe a cherry tone timber is only 1.97 at Home Depot? So I made my own and they turned out way cute! You can also make pumpkins for Halloween with them.

Bamboo Candlesticks

I found these bamboo candlesticks at Tai Pan for 2.25 each. They were originally green, and there were 4 of them. I glued them together and made these two big ones instead. I spray painted them black and tada! I like how they turned out.

Painted Letter

This "G" is from JoAnns, Painted black with craft paint. I think it will eventually go on a shelf when we hang one.

Hurricane vase

I already have the tutorial for this on my blog. I got the twine balls at Walmart. The apples and grass came from the dollar store.

Refinished Table

This was one of the first projects I did in our new house. It has been one of the hardest by far as well! Notice how the chairs don't match? That's because they suck. We are in the process of finding new ones, but haven't come across some we love (for a decent price). We got the table and 3 chairs on KSL for 30 bucks. Not bad. I do have before and afters for this project that I may post eventually!

So that's what I've been up to!

Saturday, July 2, 2011


I think I'm fired from blogging.

2 months is how long it's been since I've done any sort of post!!
Moving has really taken it's toll on my actual computer time {unless I'm reading}. I did take some pictures recently and will post soon!!

Back to ignoring the blog! LOL