Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I was in Roberts the other day and happened to stumble upon this and just so happened to have the 50% off coupon so I was entitled to buy it! They had lots of them but I liked this font the best.

This is the crib quilt his grandma made him.

Week 24
I look like a TRUCK DRIVER! lol

Week 24

Week 25

Saturday, July 19, 2008

So, we've picked our name.

I was going to wait a little longer to tell everyone but pretty much everyone knows now!! haha!
We're going with:

Cason Steven Goulding

I really like it. And Boden picked it out, so he's really excited about that part :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

So I've been trying to put baby's room together. Im worried it's going to sneak up on me! And I'm just way excited. At the moment all of our stuff is in his room! I've been trying to figure out what theme I want to make his room, and it's been getting me all sorts of confused! But one of the first things I did buy was my stroller and carseat. I've had it picked out for awhile, so on our honeymoon we went and bought it. I couldn't help myself! So here it is. If you cant tell, it is brown. My favorite part about it is that it's the suede fabric and not the normal kind. So it's nice and soft.

And here is a pic from today! I got bored. I'm 23 weeks today, but I'll take another picture later. Im getting FAT!!

I know! I haven't been so good at updating! But with Braxton being born and us settling into our apartment, it's been hectic but here we are! I did skip 2 weeks because I forgot but were starting when I remembered haha!

Week 21

Week 22

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

This is what happens when you get bored
A- Apron which i have to wear to work
B- Boden since basketball doesnt run my life now ;)
C- My baby's name! But I'm not gonna tell you yet cuz I dont know how i'm gonna spell it
D- Doctor cuz I have an appt on the 15th.
E- Envy because my baby is jealous of Hayden's baby because he's here.
F- FAT! Cuz thats how I feel :)
G- Gatorade (especially Mango) because that's what I crave.
H- Hayden because I'm favorite sister
I- Italian Job, Handsome Rob is in it, I love him!
J- Job which doesnt given me enough hours
K- KELDEN!!! The best name ever
L- Laying on my side I hate it!
M- Money which I spend on baby haha
N- Names which I have been obsessing over
O- Obsession I just want my baby to come!!
P- Pregnant! Enough said
Q- Quilt My mom is obsessed now.
R- Rice King Im addicted
S- School I want to go back
T- Timpview of course
U- Underwear which I'm obsessed with
V- Vegan Who HONESTLY doesnt eat meat!?!?!
W- Weston my brother
X - X - ray lets hope baby isnt accident prone like his daddy
Y- Yesterday - Live for tomorrow, not yesterday
Z- Zoo I need to go!