Thursday, November 6, 2008

No baby yet!!!
It's one day after my due date, and yup he's not here. I'll be induced on Tuesday if he doesnt come before then!


The Hollands said...

ok already-- we are ready for butter to be here now (as I assume u do too) I hope your feeling ok and it will all be over soon. Cherish these next days with Boden cause after Cason gets here, it really hard. I love you sweety!

Hayden and Brent said...

Aww!!! Look at your cute big belly! I cant wait to see you! I cant wait to see you...without the belly!!! Hahaha! Only 7 more days and I will be there to help you! I cant wait to meet my nephew! I am so excited! Like Leesa said tsake advantage of the next few days of just you and Boden...Butter will change everything! You look really good! I hope you are feeling good! Besides feeling SOOO prego! I love you tons and cant wait to see you!

Nana said...

Oh poor Becca Booie... With a belly that's WAHOOIE... Being preggie is getting old... we all want butter here to hold. CHANT IT.... Maybe he'll get so sick of it he'll hurry out.
I love you sweetheart. Let me know ASAP when things start to happen. I am so excited to have a new great-nephew. Can't wait to kiss his cheeks and play with that little ball of fat on his big toes. Love that part of a baby. Hope you are not too miserable... Make Boden give you a foot massage. Oh and if you go private... add me in... Love you... Aunt Pat