Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm getting better at this updating thing! lol

Here are some more pics

I love this picture of us!

This pic is sooo adorable!
I dont look exactly like my daddy anymore lol
Like my random timpview socks??

Cute shirt!!

Cute outfit from Auntie Paula

Mommy and bubba. We got matching eyes!

Balla!! Except for my hat is too small and my head is too big lol

Let me see ya GRILLZ lol

Holding my own baba

Cute hair momma!

Cutie pie!

Look at them cheeks! I just woke up

Funniest face ever!!! LOL

This is my poopin face. I'm trying to concentrate.

Cool glasses bubba!

So excited!!!


Hayden and Brent said...

So we had a good laugh! Brent said you didnt have mich hair to cut off...But it looks ok! lol! And your boy...Cute as can be! He really is starting to look like you!!! Love the pooping face! And oh he barely fits in the fireman outfit! lol! Little chunk! Love it! And I cannot wait to see you guys! And kiss those FAT cheeks!!! I sure do miss you guys! Im sad to be missing out on him growing! Is he going to like me when I see him??? :( I sure hope so!!! Love ya!

Hayden and Brent said...

Love the overall picture!!!