Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wedding Song

I love it when I put my iPod on shuffle and it just so happens my wedding song comes up. It puts a smile on my face.


I had my wedding song picked out for years. It's by a small little band out of Duluth, MN. I fell in love with their music from the moment I first heard them.This song is just so perfect and I love that it is ours. I bet a handful of people have maybe danced to this song at our wedding and that makes it that much more special.

So here are the lyrics.

I've been waiting and patiently praying, for this moment all my life
And I never, thought I'd ever, feel so glad to be alive...
I've spent so many years dreaming of this, I'm long overdue
And finally all my dreams are happening, in an ideal form of you...
Let's take this moment, squeeze it and hold it, for the rest of our lives,
then the time will never come to say goodbye...
I may not be perfect, but I'll always be there
Because I know you're worth it, you're the answer, to all of my prayers...

And here's a link to the video of the song because it's simply beautiful...

So what did you dance to at your wedding?


Kate Moore said...

What a beautiful song! I love the lyrics and the piano in the background. (I play so I'm a big piano fan)

Great seeing you this morning at BodyPump!

My hubby wrote the lyrics and words to our song, he's creative like that :) Our wedding songs were mostly country love songs tho bc he wasn't done w/ it by the time we got married. (The date got pushed up due to the pregnancy lol)

East Coast-er Momma said...

Hey! I'm following you now.

We actually didn't have a dance at our wedding, but the words to your song were beautiful and there is nothing like moving in sync with the love of your life to words like that.

Stephanie said...

I do love that song! I remember when that played at school and I surprised you by knowing the words!! Although we didn't dance our song was Breathe by Angels and Airwaves LOVE it :)

Kelden said...

Kate - That's cute! Boden wrote a poem to read for his "vows" I guess you could say.

Misha - I'm following you now too :)

Stephanie - I remember that! You must have a fabulous taste in music!