Thursday, July 21, 2011

2 new projects

Do you know whats better then doing a crafting project? Doing an easy crafting project with stuff you already have lying around!

I got this box of frames off Freecycle a couple of months ago. I know, score right? But I haven't done a thing with them since. I am lame...


My husband thinks they're just taking up room but wont he be surprised when he comes home from work and discovers I actually did something with them. Or at least one of them!

I got the cute printable for the 9 Be's HERE. It makes an 8x10 sized printable.


  That frame looks cuter then it actually was that color. When I spray painted it black, the brown was still showing through, giving it an antiqued looked that I liked.


I just glued it on, didn't do a backing {which I would suggest you do} So it's kinda free floating in the frame.

Done and done! Easy Peasy

I saw this idea in a DIY magazine and I've seen it floating around blogland too. I finally just sat down and did it and it took a whole 5 minutes. I was kind of put of at first by how big I made the letters but Its growing on me!



Super easy! 


Kendra said...

Thanks for linking to my download! Yours turned out great! And free frames! That is awesome! :)