Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hurricane Vases

My comma button is broken so bare with my puncuation mistakes!

I cant believe its almost been a month since Ive posted! With Boden's grandpa's funeral and house hunting. Dont forget the hours of Tangeled we've watched; its just been so hectic around here! But in honor of finding a house we liked; I made these vases that ive been planning on doing for awhile now. I finally found candlestick holders at the dollar store; which was perfect for this. In her tutorial which you can find HERE she has all different sizes of vases and candlesticks and you'll be able to see what she used them for.

Make sure you let them dry completely! I had them in my hand by the candlestick holder and the top flew off!
I got both the vases and holders at Dollar Tree which makes them 2 dollars each!


Of course my silly son thinks theyre toys!




Kate Moore said...

don't you just love dollar tree? I do!

Dacia said...

Thanks for the follow :) Those are great hurricanes! I'm going to have to try those.